TVT were a rock and roll band based in Berlin, Germany consisting of Duncan McKnight (vocals/lead guitar/organ), Micky Giddens (rhythm guitar), and Nima Ashe (drums/percussion). Originating in Los Angeles, Duncan McKnight and Nima Ashe decided to make the jump to Berlin. There they met Robert Michael Giddens and began playing shows under the name Duncan McKnight band and working with a psychedelic label, Trip in Time records. As their fanbase grew, the trio became known as The Virgin Tongues. On May 1st, 2009 while on tour to Reykjavik Iceland (and to record their debut album with Singapore Sling frontman Henrik Bjornsson), McKnight fell from a window in downtown Reykjavik, suffering serious injuries and spending 9 months in the hospital. Despite valiant efforts, The Virgin Tongues did not play together again after the accident – and only a few recordings remain from those days.


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